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It was good to see you and thank you for the opportunity to outline the Drone/UAV proposition again.

Please find below 3  survey projects that we carried out on NHG properties to illustrate our capability and the flexibility of using Drones.  We use 4K HD cameras on all our Drones, which allows the recipient of our footage and still photographs to zoom into the fine detail.

Our operating model is based on time on site, so there is not limit to the number of photos of video length that we capture.  We do however have to be mindful of GDPR and other Privacy laws that limit some of our output files.  Before clients have the final files we process the video and images to ensure GDPR compliancy at all times.

In addition to our base proposition, we are investing in thermal imaging cameras to provide an additional service of roof heat escape, front and rear areas of the blocks at high level.  This can lead to quick identification of improvements of insulation and assist with a better EPC ratings.  

Our optimum relationship with NHG would be to work with your forward maintenance team, proactively inspect the properties earmarked for remedial work and provide you with the data to prioritise the work and the maintenance budget too. 


There are a number of tangible benefits to having drone footage which is not immediately obvious:


  • Your team can make timely, evidence based decisions from the comfort of their own desk. 

  • Your surveyors can review the details as fast as we can provide them. ( see more properties that they would otherwise)

  • Reduction of travel time for surveyors and contractors

  • Building contractors can see in advance [from the footage] the work that is required and can come to site pre-prepared.

  • Scaffolders can see the footage and know where best to position towers.

  • No restrictions/ delays from lack of resident access - we can deploy the drone easily.


An immediate opportunity that we would see is carrying out  Building Condition Surveys - to line up your cyclical 1-2 years in advance, bringing to you evidence of conditions against which your team can make priority decisions to tackle the most urgent cases and preventing any further costly damage being caused.

Buildings that are identified in Disrepair, we can locate the issue prior to a full front or rear scaffold, this will provide the site team with a visual of what’s required and can estimate works prior to scaffold - you can even price ALL costs for the task in hand in advance and priorities your urgent jobs.

Our Drone/UAV output timelines are as follows

  • We aim to provide an estimate within 48hrs

  • We aim to provide the client data within 48hrs from day of survey-  basic version -non edited/no recommendations

  • We aim to provide the client data within 3-5 days from day of survey - full edited/recommendations version (currently supplied on USB keys, and/or Wetransfer)

Thanks Clive for the opportunity,

Yours Sincerely

Carla Piedade

Founder -  C-Soars.com

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Notting Hill Genesis Projects

£10,000 Saving


Warwick - your current supplier would not have been able to deliver you assets on this job due to physical restrictions which would prevent them deploying. The site has a Red Route [ No parking] and no back to the building for alternate access.  They would have also struggled to deliver the coherent imagery and give proper context to the site.  Scaffolding would have been the only real alternative, but with significant costs associated with it.

£1,300 Saving


Chambon-  we calculated a saving of estimate 1.3k by using the drone over your current supplier.  As they would charge per set up required to deliver the whole site.  Please note this one has more "free flying" than is normal as we used this exercise to educate Rob Maning, Jerome , Cezar and Richard on site and give them the opportunity to see for themselves how we operate


£3,800 Saving

285 uxbridge - We were able to reduce the scaffolding requirement for this work from what would have been a full front and rear scaffold to a tower and safety handrails.